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The focus of is to offer high-resolution image slideshows to compliment my main birding photography website,

Enjoy the experience… and please share a short note on the COMMENTS page to let me know you visited!


About Dave

I’m a worldwide birder who maintains a detailed lifelist of every bird species I’ve observed, and I’m also a bird photographer trying to get a photo of every bird on my lifelist. These are similar, yet different goals to achieve.

It’s often a real challenge to find, observe, and determine the bird species in the field, and then to also capture a decent photograph… in focus, with proper exposure, showing the field marks for ID… all before the bird flies away! Sometimes… I don’t get ANY photo.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited all seven continents… even including the hardest to get to… Antarctica. I went there to photograph the penguins and albatrosses, and loved every bit of it!
I love nature and birding photography… but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to grow my photography into new areas and challenges. That’s a part of what this website it about… learning how to explore… landscapes, nighttime, people, light-painting, artistic.